B is for Breakup

1)     Think of a person with whom you are in a relationship

It can be a spouse, sibling, mother or father, dog, coworker, boss, etc.

2)     Using the letters of the alphabet from A – Z make a list of words that relate that person or to your relationship with them

3)     Write a poem that explains how your relationship began.

Or write a poem about how your relationship will end/ended.  

Use the formula created in the Davidson’s poem “A” as a guide, i.e. “A is for Anna the woman you will fall in love with next year…”


Leah Noble Davidson

A is for Anna, the woman you will fall in love with next year, who wraps her opus in alabaster eyes; Anna’s hello echo will crush your throat like a trash compactor. And b. B is for the second word you’ll think you have for a sight like Anna walking by, but, to fold a smoke like that on to paper, you’ve got to have c and d words.

Davidson, Leah Noble. Poetic Scientifica. University of Hell Press, 2013.