"On the one hand, the Aristotelian, perhaps evolutionary need to put everything into categories—predator, twilight, edible—on the other, the need to pay homage to the transitive, the flight, the great soul of being in which we actually live."

–Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts


Create a list of 12 categories.

Spending about 60 seconds on each category, list as many antithetical things as you can. These will be things that do not fit into the category, but may somehow work to describe and/or challenge the category in some way.  


Category is Twilight: candor, mallard ducks, tarot cards

Category is Predators: starlight, pill bug, bouquet

Category is Edibles: rocks, salt water, still life portraits

Category is Arachnids:

Category is Flammables:

Category is Hummingbird:

Category is Disaster:

Category is Paranoia:

Category is Intoxicants:

Category is _________: